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Social Care and Homecare Re-ablement

Home Care Re-ablement

Gerald was the national lead for homecare re-ablement within the Care Services Efficiency Delivery programme at the Department of Health, supporting 152 English local authorities to achieve their efficiency targets within adult social care.

Working with services and academic research teams he has built the most comprehensive body of evidence on homecare re-ablement within the UK, having written much of the work himself.

This has been shared with local authorities and their partners, including health and independent providers, through direct support and presentations at local, regional and national levels. In addition to numerous UK conferences he has also been a key note speaker at four state / territory conferences and the 2008 national HACC conference in Australia, a speaker at the 2010 International Federation on Ageing Conference in Melbourne and a keynote speaker at the 2011 New Zealand Home Health Association’s annual conference in Wellington, and a speaker at an International Forum organised by the British Columbia Ministry of Health, Canada, in 2014 focusing on best practice in seniors home care.

GPA continues to work with a range of providers (including councils, CCGs, not-for-profit, commercial and community interest companies) to help them establish a service or enhance the performance of an existing service.


Homecare Re-ablement service

Implementation and Enhancement

  • Developing the right vision and service characteristics to ensure that services are mainstreamed.
  • Building sound business cases to support development and ensure financial benefits.
  • Developing appropriate pathways to ensure the service is integrated and that the client’s journey is seamless, whilst maximising benefits for them and the commissioner.
  • Developing the appropriate blend of skills and competencies to ensure delivery through appropriate team structures.
  • Creating sound operational performance management systems and reporting to ensure that decisions can be made in a timely manner and that services maximise benefits.
  • Monitoring non-financial benefits in terms of improvements to quality of life for people using the service and their carers.
  • Objective evaluation and implementation of outsourcing whether that be to a local authority trading company or external providers

Crisis Response and Telecare services

  • Developing services to ensure that they are aligned with assessment and other short-term and ongoing services.
  • Evaluating service effectiveness and identifying how to enhance both delivery and efficiencies

The wider Re-ablement agenda

  • Developing joined-up services between social care, health and external providers in line with Government policy over the next few years, and particularly in admission avoidance and post-discharge support across a number of re-abling services.



All of these areas can be delivered
through focused expert support
or in a project management role.

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