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Long-term Residential Care, Extra Care 
& Medical Rehabilitation


Strategic review

  • Crucial to the survival of any home is the need to reconsider the future, whether it be due to a change of local management, regulatory requirements, viability or even market provision in the area.

Operational or management review

  • From time to time there is a need to take stock and compare performance and ongoing management structures to ensure that they meet the future needs of the home.

Financial review

  • Funding levels and cost structures continue to be important areas that require a detailed study to effect progressive or step improvements.

Development appraisal

  • The need to renovate or extend a home to improve existing services, introduce new services or even improve financial viability often requires a sympathetic but focused impartial assessment.

Project management

  • Specific projects sometimes benefit from external review or management to supplement in-house skills and to ensure that they do not divert local managers from dealing with the day-to-day operation of the home.

All of these areas can be delivered
through focused expert support
or in a project management role.

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Long Term Residential Care

We have many years of experience working within the long-term care home sector, including medical rehabilitation, spanning the not-for-profit and for-profit independent sectors. We understand the issues that are most crucial and are able to draw upon relevant experience to meet individual requirements.

As no two homes are the same, we aim to work within the local ethos to identify and implement solutions, on an ongoing or ‘one-off’ basis, that are most appropriate and enable long-term success and viability.

Care as a sector continues to face new challenges as a result of regulatory and best-practice developments, economic pressures and the ever present need to ensure a long-term future. Additional help can often be needed to address either specific issues or to support ongoing development.

We are also able to provide operational management support to managers, owners and trustees to help them with the responsibilities of managing their home in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Extra Care services offer an appropriate choice for a growing number of people. For some it is a matter of life style whilst for many it provides a setting within which independence and care can be blended to appropriately meet potentially changing levels of support.

Our understanding of the wider Re-ablement agenda places us in the best position to help develop joined-up services across social care, health and external providers in line with Government policy over the next few years, and particularly in admission avoidance and post discharge support across a number of re-abling services.